Hand Tint

Before Tint


After Tint


Clone Stone

 What I did on this photo was to remove the little chimney From the top of the building.



Changing Eyes Color









Henri-Cartier Bresson

Five fats about cartier bersson;

  • He was an early adopter of 35 mm format, and the master of candid photography.
  • He was a French photographer considered to be the father of modern photojournalism.
  • He was known for talking picture of the prefect moment
  • He helped develop the “street photography” or “real life reportage” style that has influenced generations of photographers who followed.
  • He was born on August 22, 1908 in cChanteloup-en-Brie, France and died on August 3, 04 at aged 95 in Montjustin, France.

Some photos Taken by Henri cartier Bresson:






                                                                        Photos taken by me :

perfect moment








All this Photo were taken just to show the people how cool can be the human hands in a picture.







Here In this Photo is Mrs: Yunta reading a book in the black n white time.








”Paranormal Photo”

nickname “PP”






“Lockdown photo”

Some black n white n some with colors.







This photo was name ”lockholder” it got a SEPIA tone in it.

Glow Stick

I took this picture using AV mode using manual settings and ten seconds to take the picture that made you capture the light of the photos in the dark rooms. I used photoshop to put text on my pictures and i cropped them.

Stained Glass

Jose with a Blurry BackGround